-Artist’s Statement and Bio


“The creative force is always available in and around us; and, when we learn to be aligned with it our best work flows outward. I try to express through color and light the inspiration that comes to me from simply looking at what is around me.  The experience of making a painting is like an exploration and a meditation.   When I look closely at things that have a certain degree of complexity they reflect to me so much about the world around me. A painting is like a window.  When I enter into making one, I get outside of my self and learn more about life as I paint what I see.  It’s my desire that looking at my paintings might give the same experience to the observer.”

Artist’s Bio

Mary Ellen Rand grew up in Atlanta, Georgia but has made her home in  Naples Florida since 1996 where she’s practiced the profession of Landscape Architecture.  Before moving to Florida she worked as an L.A. and also worked as an art instructor, portrait artist and therapist in Alabama and in Georgia, teaching at the Birmingham Museum of Art and in private studios.  She obtained a Bachelor of Visual Arts  from Georgia State University.  Mary Ellen works in oils and her inspirations are the things she sees all around.  Her particular interest is in facilitating a connection with the creative source for herself and for those whom she teaches.


  1. Beautiful picture, beautiful words, beautiful paintings!

  2. Hello!
    Carole Schaefer gave me your name. Your paintings are wonderful. What medium do you use? I primarily paint in oils although I have been known to paint in quash and watercolor. I’m heading towards Florida the end of the month with my ultimate destination being Key West for New Years. Carole suggested we might like to meet in Naples…I’m game if you are! So, please email me when you can….Thanks! Sue

  3. Hi Mary Ellen,
    You are God’s greatest creation and your art reflects your greatness. I especially love “Portraits”, it shows your in-depth intuitive gift of insight. Women create from within and bring it forth. Thank you for sharing, I love the new website. Ann

  4. beautiful picture of you and bio. so far so good. I am continuing to explore your website. congratulations.

  5. You go girl. beautiful picture and great bio. I haven’t opened the pictures yet and will continue to explore. Love, Gin

  6. Nice work, MER.
    I like the chicken! 🙂

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